2 in 1 Rubber Tennis Ball for Dogs


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Two balls in one for twice the fun! Inside this purple ball is a tennis ball with bright yellow popping out of the openings. If the dog bites or presses on it, the ball emits a squealing sound that encourages him to play and entertains him. The elastic material bounces off the floor.
This funny 2-in-1 tennis ball is ideal for toss and fetch games: it jumps, rolls and squeaks. With nubs on the surface, it encourages the dog to chew and contributes to the health of his gums. The ball is available in two sizes, depending on the dog’s temperament and jaw. This original ball will keep your dog busy for hours and promises great games with your companion!

Features of the 2 in 1 Rubber Tennis Ball for Dogs:

dog play ball
built-in squealer to entice the dog to play
2 in 1: rubber ball with holes on the outside, tennis ball on the inside
entertains the animal: to throw and bring: jumps, rolls and whines
surface with nubs: encourages your dog to chew and contributes to the health of his gums
bounces on the ground
2 sizes available: depending on size and jaw strength
colors: purple, yellow
material: rubber
small model: 6 cm in diameter
large model: 10 cm in diameter


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