Christmas tree toy for cats


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Are you looking for a Christmas present for your furball that he won’t leave behind after a few seconds? This toy in the shape of a Christmas tree has everything it takes to hold your cat’s attention for a long time. Its original shape will encourage your cat to chase it and its design makes it a perfect toy for homes with several cats who like to play together.

This toy has a weighted wooden base, covered with a plush material. It therefore does not tip over when the cat plays with it. This tree is topped with a stuffed star and pretty colored ribbons. When the cat kicks this little Christmas tree, it wobbles in a funny way. With its colors in shades of green and yellow, this toy is ideal for Christmas.

Cat Christmas Tree Toy Features:
cat toy
Christmas design: ideal as a Christmas present to put under the tree
weighted base: wooden covered with a soft plush material, does not tip over
funny spring: wobbles in all directions to awaken your cat’s hunting instinct
plush star: with waving ribbons
ideal for multiple cat households
colors: green and yellow
materials: polyester, metal and wood
total dimensions: diameter approximately 23 cm x H 30 cm


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