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But what is this thing that hangs on the door? It really looks very interesting! The Cat Gloves door hanger is the perfect gift for the holiday season. It is decorated in the spirit of Christmas, and will occupy your little feline in many ways.

This door hanger has two plush pendants in the shape of a glove, on which other toys hang (shiny yarn pom-poms that look like snowflakes, metallic bells and feathers). The Gants door hanger toy moves with the slightest gust of wind and awakens the cat’s playful instincts. You can easily hang it on a door, a scratching post or other similar accessory thanks to its long string.

Features of the Door Hanger, Cat Gloves:
door hangers in the spirit of Christmas to awaken the playful instinct of the cat
interactive toy with a festive design: ideal to complete your Christmas decorations
long string: to hang the toy on a door handle, a cat tree or any other similar accessory
entertaining pendants:
2 plush gloves: adorned with patterns in the spirit of winter, with 4 pendants made up of various toys:
shiny yarn pom poms: reflect light
white pompoms: look like snowflakes
small metallic bells: make noise when the cat plays
real feathers: red and green, awaken the cat’s playful instinct
moves with the slightest gust of wind, awakens the cat’s instincts of player and hunter
colors: red, green, white
materials: 100% polyester
total dimensions: L 48-70 x W 17 x H 5 cm approximately
gloves: L 11.5 x W 9 x H 5 cm
5 pompoms (red and green): about 2 cm in diameter each
4 pompoms (white): about 1.5 cm in diameter each
2 bells: about 1 cm in diameter
6 feathers: L 9 cm approx.
fixing string: L 85 cm


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