Freedom transport bag with enclosure for rodents


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When not in use, you can store it in its carrying case (included) to save space. Its side parts can be opened and folded away by means of zippers.

Features of the Freedom Rodent Carrier with Enclosure:

total dimensions (without enclosure): L 50 x W 29 x H 32 cm
total dimensions (with enclosure): L 50 x W 54 x H 32 cm
dimensions of the side opening with double zipper: W 22 x H 26 cm
dimensions of the removable floor in synthetic wool: L 34 x H 20 cm
dimensions of the nylon-mesh extension (when unfolded): L 42 x W 30 x H 27 cm
maximum load: suitable for animals up to 12 kg
length-adjustable carrying strap included
zippers on the side, roof and floor of the nylon enclosure
dimensions of the nylon cover with the carrying bag: L 50 x W 7 x H 37 cm, closes with a zipper, with handles and outer pocket (L 29 x H 22 cm approximately)


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