Hexagonal enclosure with protective net for rodents


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This enclosure is specially designed to ensure the safety of young rabbits and rodents. The small gap between its bars and its protective net whose mesh measures 1 x 1 cm thwarts any attempt to escape. In addition, the net keeps raptors, cats and other predators away from your animals. Half of this net is opaque to provide them with enough shade.
The enclosure consists of 6 elements each measuring 58 x 38 cm. It also has a door and can easily be extended with additional elements. Thanks to its metallic coating, it is waterproof and weather resistant.

Characteristics of the rodent enclosure, hexagonal with protective net:
distance between the bars: 2 cm
thickness of the bars: 2.5 mm horizontally, 2 mm vertically
dimensions of the door: L 32 x H 25 cm
color: green


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