JR Farm Hay Winter House for Rodents


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“Croque, crunch, little quenotte, who crunches my house?”
The JR Farm Hay Winter House is suitable for all rodents and dwarf rabbits. In addition to providing an ideal hiding place for your little companion, it will also allow him to sleep, climb and gnaw for his greatest pleasure!
Made from 100% natural materials, it contains no artificial colors or adhesives. So you can let your rodent or rabbit gnaw on this hay house without any health concerns!
For even more fun, this hay house has a flat coconut roof with small grain-free biscuits. The JR Farm hay winter house is an ideal occupation for all rodents and dwarf rabbits during the Christmas holidays!

Features of the JR Farm hay winter house for rodents and dwarf rabbits:

hay house, with coconut and vegetables
dimensions: total dimensions of the house L 40 x W 25 x H 21 cm approximately, entrance W 15 x H 14 cm approximately
great occupation: ideal for sleeping, gnawing, hiding and climbing
100% natural materials: no artificial colors or adhesives, completely edible
flat roof to gnaw on: in coconut with grain-free biscuits


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