Kerbl rectangular enclosure with pointed mesh roof for rodents


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On sunny days, offer this spacious enclosure to your rabbits, guinea pigs and poultry. Your pets will feel comfortable there and can run and jump as they please.

Delivered with the enclosure, the protection against the sun will provide a shade area for your animals on hot and sunny days. In summer, it is indeed very important to protect animals from the sun which remain in their enclosure for several hours. This protection attaches to the enclosure with scratches.

Features of the Kerbl Luxus rabbit and rodent enclosure with pointed mesh roof:

suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs and poultry
total dimensions: L 220 x W 103 x H 85 cm
distance between bars: 3.5 cm
bar thickness: 3.0 mm vertically / 4.0 mm horizontally
doors: 1 front door (L 40 x W 30 cm), 2 side doors (L 49 x W 40 cm)
pointed roof: 85 cm (middle height) / 52 cm (side height)
delivered with protection against the sun and perch (for poultry)
sun protection, W 75.0 x H 135.0 cm, 100% polyester, Velcro fastening
fixing to the ground with pegs
can be combined with the Little Farm rabbit and poultry hutch
delivered as a kit in a box
assembly instructions provided, easy assembly

Note: it is advisable not to leave your animals in the sun in the enclosure without protection!
You should not leave your animal unattended in the enclosure, to prevent it from digging and making its way under the enclosure.
Due to the gap between the bars, the use of this enclosure is not recommended for young animals who could get their heads stuck in it.


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