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If your cat seems to shy away from traditional toys like fishing rods or stuffed animals, the Rocky toy is just the thing. It works like a tumbling when your little feline pushes it with its paw and entertains it for a long time.

Its smell will undoubtedly arouse the interest of your cat who will not get tired of his new toy. It is made with matatabi sticks, also known as “silver vine”, which has an intoxicating effect on many cats. Your little companion will be able to nibble on the sticks, which will promote his dental hygiene. A scoop of catmint is in the lid of the Rocky toy.

Rocky Cat Toy Features:
cat toy
matatabi sticks: also known as silver vine, produces an intoxicating effect on many cats, odor less pronounced than valerian
ideal for snacking: promotes dental health
large ball of catmint: attached to the lid, awakens the cat’s playful instinct
works like a tumbling: weighted bottom, the toy swings and always returns to its initial position, remains interesting in the eyes of the cat for a long time
to push with the paw
catmint ball included
colors: white / brown / green
materials: plastic / matatabi / catmint
total dimensions: H 11 x 7 cm in diameter
matatabi: L 6 x 0.5 cm in diameter
catmint ball: about 1.5 cm in diameter


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