Rolls of excrement bags, black


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Here’s a simple solution to keep sidewalks clean.
These bags are particularly resistant and stable, to allow you to easily pick up your companion’s droppings and transport them safely to the nearest trash can.

It has never been so easy to get rid of dog stool: put the bag on your hand like a glove, pick up the droppings, turn the bag over to lock them in, close and throw away, you’re rid!

The black excrement bags are available in packs of 4 rolls of 20 bags each, suitable for all classic dispensers.

Don’t go for a walk without carrying a poop bag!

Characteristics of the rolls of excrement bags, black:
4 rolls of 20 bags
bag dimensions: L 30 x W 22 cm
dimensions of the rolls: 3 cm in diameter x 6 cm
pre-punched for easy separation
solid and opaque material
pleasant floral scent
Here you will find many poop bag dispensers.


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