Skyline Ranch Arizona Rodent Enclosure


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With the Arizona enclosure, you no longer have to worry about your furniture or your cables.
You can arrange this enclosure to your liking by installing accessories (houses, wheels, etc.).
To dismantle the enclosure, nothing could be simpler! The four elements are detached in a jiffy and can be stored without taking up space.

Skyline Ranch Arizona Indoor Rodent Enclosure Features:

indoor rodent enclosure consisting of 4 interlocking wooden elements
ideal for small rodents such as hamsters and guinea pigs
easy assembly and disassembly: the four panels fit together easily
space-saving storage: the panels can be folded up to save space
made from real untreated wood: natural and completely non-toxic
possibility of creating two separate entrances: 2 doors can be cut if necessary
allows you to roam safely in the house and apartment
ideal for enlarging your rodent’s cage
color: natural
material: plywood
wood thickness: 6 mm
total dimensions: L 110 x W 77 x H 30 cm
dimensions of additional doors: W 15 x H 18 cm


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