Stacking Rings Lvl 3 – M


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Stacking Rings builds on the knowledge your bird has already acquired in LEVELS 1 and 2, namely colors and numbers.

Stacking rings, your bird will develop its skill and dexterity in handling objects with precision. The ring game offers 2 different uses (games), plus those that your imagination can invent over time.

Before accessing the games of level 3, it is important that the bird has assimilated the games of levels 1 and 2 well. The games of level 3 require the knowledge, reflection and skills that the parrot will have acquired in both previous levels. There is no point in trying to skip stages, you will only discourage your bird when faced with a level of difficulty that is too high for him. These games will be easy for the bird who has done well in levels 1 and 2. These games are intended to develop the skill and dexterity of the bird to handle objects precisely with its beak.

Sizes available:

Small (S): parakeets, conures, caiques and similar sizes – Length 12cm, width 5cm, height 7cm, diameter of the chips 2cm. (8 tokens)

Medium (M): Gabon grey, amazon, cockatoo and similar sizes – Length 15cm, width 7cm, height 11cm, diameter of the chips 2.6cm. (11 tokens)

Large (L): Ara and similar sizes – Length 19cm, width 8cm, height 15cm, diameter of chips 3.5cm. (11 tokens)


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