TPR Squeaky Ball Dog Toy


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Your dog will quickly adopt this flashy green ball! Thanks to its irregular surface with nubs and its flexible material that does not damage the teeth, the Squeaky Ball massages the gums of the animal, thus contributing to good oral hygiene.
This ball, which is the size of a tennis ball, bounces and squeaks when squeezed, which will arouse your dog’s curiosity and encourage him to play. It also massages the gums and promotes oral hygiene.

Thermoplastic rubber is a tough material that, thanks to its soft and flexible properties, will take care of your dog’s teeth. This material is weather resistant and floats, making this ball ideal for water activities. Thanks to the spiked structure on the surface of the ball, your dog will have no trouble picking it up and carrying it.

Squeaky Ball: an extra toy for any occasion!

Squeaky Ball Dog Toy Features:

strong and flexible ball
suitable for small and medium sized dogs
surface with nubs: massages the gums, promotes blood circulation and oral hygiene
made of thermoplastic rubber: resistant, flexible material, resistant to bad weather and which does not damage the teeth
bounces and floats: ideal ball for toss/fetch games on land and in water
weatherproof and floats: can be used in wet meadows and in water
squeaky ball: to encourage the dog to play
long life: made of solid rubber, easy to grip
for games for two: toy that will allow you to share moments of play and complicity with your pet
material: TPR (thermoplastic rubber)
color: green
size: about 6 cm in diameter
weight: 50g


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