Trixie Claw for rodents


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The nail clipper is used to cut the claws of all pets. The special blades are made of stainless steel and do not break the claw horn. The non-slip handle makes it easy to use the pliers. Normally, you can trim your rodents claws yourself.
Attention :
Inside the claw there are veins and nerves that should never be severed. In the case of dark claws, the veins are not very visible. You will need to be careful to only cut off a small end of the claw.

Instructions for use :
Hold your rodents paw firmly before you begin. Cut the claw at an angle down and before the vein. The cut thus corresponds to the profile of the claw.

Advice in the case of dark claws:
Be two. One person holds the animal and shines the claw from below with a flashlight, the other person cuts the claw.


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