Trixie Natura wooden enclosure for rodents


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Bring the sun into the life of your little companion! This solid enclosure offers, thanks to its fully removable roof, optimal protection for your animal against cats or birds of prey. The wood used for the manufacture of this enclosure is stained pine which is resistant to bad weather and winter. The roof can be attached to the enclosure using the clips provided.
The Trixie Natura run can be used as such or as an extension to the Natura hutches for example. The two side doors make it possible to connect another pen or a hutch. It is also possible to combine two enclosures by leaving the doors open to create a passage and allow your rodent to move from one enclosure to another as it pleases and thus offer him twice as much space to stretch his legs. .

Characteristics of the Natura rodent and rabbit enclosure, in wood:
total dimensions: L 174 x W 109 x 48 cm
distance between bars: H 10 cm x W 2.3 cm
Important: it is advisable not to leave your animals in the sun in the enclosure without protection! Cover part of the enclosure.

Warning: never leave your animals unattended in the enclosure to prevent any attacks by cats or predators such as birds of prey and foxes.

Please note: unmaintained wood dries out and risks breaking or deforming or even deteriorating. It is therefore important to regularly maintain and treat your rodent hutch and your dog house. We recommend that you carry out an appropriate treatment for hutches and hutches used outdoors. Please use only animal-friendly wood conditioners or stains for this purpose. In order to avoid the wear of the wood due to climatic conditions, it is advisable, if possible, to place the kennels and hutches in a covered place.


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