Trixie Sheep plush dog toy


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Dogs love stuffed animals! If you want to please yours, offer him the stuffed sheep from Trixie! With its long padded legs, it is suitable for all breeds of dogs and satisfies their need to chew.

Your dog won’t be able to do without it, whether it’s chewing it, carrying it around the house or cuddling it in its basket! The rustling paper integrated into the hind legs stimulates the animal’s playful instinct even more. Of course, you can also participate in the games, for example by playing toss/fetch, and enjoy a privileged moment with your dog. This soft toy is also ideal for puppies and young dogs!

Features of the Trixie Sheep plush dog toy:

cuddly plush for dogs of all breeds
satisfies the need for chewing: long hind legs and large chewing surface, padding, pleasant in the mouth, does not damage the gums
awakens the dog’s playful instinct: integrated crinkle paper, encourages the dog to chew and play
for interactive games: long legs easy to take in the mouth, ideal toy for throwing/fetching games
perfect for cuddling: cuddly soft toy to cuddle in its basket
is a good alternative to children’s toys and decorative objects, protects furniture and objects from unwanted bites
also suitable for young dogs and puppies
colors: white / black
material: 100% polyester
size: about 30cm


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